About Sooochi

Thank you for visiting us here at Sooochi!

We are a family owned UK business "Designing luxury, sustainable, fashion inspired, quality products that are made to last for all ages."

The name Sooochi was originated from my sons nickname Sushi. 

When I found out I was pregnant I downloaded one of the many pregnancy apps and it asked for the name of the baby, at that stage I was clueless so I thought about things that me and my husband loved. 

Being the greedy guts that I am food instantly came to mind and Sushi is a firm favourite of ours so there it was, the baby was called Sushi.

This nickname stuck; family and friends even started to call our baby Sushi (at one point I was even contemplating making that his official name!)

I had my son during lockdown and it was such a magical experience but also a very lonely one. Although I had my wonderful husband, I put so much pressure on myself despite already having a successful career and a newborn baby. I kept on feeling like I wasn't doing enough, constantly thinking of new business ideas.

When the time came to start weaning, I couldn't seem to find products that were both Earth-Conscious and Stylish.

And thats how Sooochi was born! I have been working on this business every spare moment I get, finishing my day job, sorting out dinner, my two babes, home and fitting in the gym (as you mamas know) and then working on Sooochi as soon as bedtime rolls around at 7pm!

All our products are environmentally friendly, sustainable and there is zero single use plastic to help our planet.

We hope you love Sooochi as much as we do!

Thank you for your support.

Love the Tweede's x